Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WIWW, meet the fam.

Hello! Didn't take too many outfit pics this week, but enough so you can meet my children. I fully intended to include my husband and sweet doggie, but I guess I forgot! Next time:)!!!

Here is me and my darling five year old, Jack!!! Jack is sporting an Angry Bird shirt, he is bit obsessed with the game. I am wearning Ann Taylor Loft shirt and shorts.

Next meet my sweet seven year old, Carly. Carly loves every single sport and really prefers playing everything "boy". Ironically, pink is her favorite color. She is wearing a "girl power"t-shirt and soccer ball shorts. I am wearing a shirt I think stole from my sister when she lived with us and Ann Taylor loft shorts. These shorts are the best, wish I bought more than two pairs.

Here is me and my now ELEVEN year old on her birthday trip. Still can not believe she is 11! Look how tall she is (I am 5"8). Sigh. Anyway, her clothes are all from Target and my dress is from T.J. Maxx.

Hope you enjoyed meeting my children, have a great week:)!

pleated poppy


  1. What an adorable family you have. Great outfits I especially love that last dress!!!

    I found your cute blog via the pleated poppy

  2. Cute family. And tall!!!! My stepson is also addicted to Angry Bird, but he's 25. ; )

  3. Hi look adorable. You were right on those sandals, they were on clearance, and lucked out on my size. They are really comfy too.