Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WIWW, the runway edition

Okay, I really was not on a runway, and I am certainly not a model. But, my ten year old (gulp, 11 on Friday) and I had fun taking pictures. And as silly as I feel getting my picture taken by myself (or at all...I am usually the mom behind the camera), I have so enjoyed revisiting my clothes and jewelry,and actually caring about what I wear! So, here we go..........

This is me on an average day. Which is why I had to make this more interesting.....
shorts: Ann Taylor Loft, on sale:)

Tank tops: Old Navy

Necklace: Lisa Leonard (xmas gift from my mom, produced several squeals)

Earrings, gift from sweet sister for being in her wedding

Okay, I will get serious now. Or at least I will try. Next outfit, one of my favorite dresses. From the Gap, about five years ago. Earrings I ordered off internet. Sweet family necklace given to me by my mom after my third child was born. Shoes are from a little store in downtown Jonesborough, TN (yes, the OLDEST town in is wonderful). These sandals have supportive arches and little massager beads. I am definitely aging, because I was WAY excited about this purchase:)!

Next,another favorite dress from the Gap, four or five years old? Necklace from my in-laws,from Vegas.

Now for my sentimental outfit. I wore this to the pinning ceremony of the ladies from the first college level course I ever taught. I was nervous out of my mind, not knowing what to expect,what to say, what to do the night before I taught this course (and it was a FIVE hour course). It turned out to be the most amazing, life changing experience. I learned so much from these ladies, so much about different learning styles and so much about myself. I will never forget this particular group. This was also the outfit I wore on the first day of class. It was completely designed by my daughter.

Dress: Converse All Star/Target
Vest: Target, Mossimo

Shoes: Sahara, Rack Room shoes
Belt: Target
necklace: gift from my father in law, New Mexico

I have enjoyed playing ,have a great week!



  1. You look adorable, and SWEET moves! :)

  2. Love it.:) And those red flower shoes are so great!

  3. Love the last outfit - Target has some really cute dresses!

  4. You are so cute! Love the red and blue in the last outfit! :)

  5. Hi Beth - just wanted to reply back about my jean skirt. Unfortunately I purchased it years ago - at least 4. Hopefully you can find a similar one! :)

  6. All of the outfits are great, but I think the last one is my favorite - that's so precious that your daughter picked it out! Makes it all the more special.

    I am also favoring those red sandals from Rack Room...very cute! (P.S. I used to work at one in Oklahoma.)

  7. I love that you take such fun pictures! And you do not even look old enough to have an almost-eleven year old!