Friday, January 13, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Awake?

Linking up with Gypsy Mama's Five minute Friday. This week's topic....awake?

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Awake as in I am not sleeping in my bed? Sure. Awake as I am aware, present, and ready? Not quiet. I don't feel like I have been awake all week. It has been a blur. I started my new full-time job, got my kids on their new schedules, had a huge meeting on my second day of working, and put our fifteen year old dog to sleep on Wednesday. It has been an unpleasant blur.

Don't get me wrong, I am loving my new job. It is exciting, new, and am I sooooo thankful to have full time employment. But being a full-time working mom of three definitely has its challenges.

My dog....oh my goodness. Hardest and saddest thing I have every gone through. I was numb, asleep if you will, until last night. My mom had put the sweetest picture of her on facebook and I WOKE up. I grieved, and cried, and cried. So lonley and sad without her there. I took a shower, cried some more, and promised myself I would grieve more this weekend. Today, I just need to be asleep, while awake. Going through the motions is what is getting me through.

I look forward to being awake again. To enjoy what is around me, my gifts and blessings. I think when life gets tough, it is very hard to be awake. Kind of a coping mechanisim, I think.

So here is to a weekend of AWAKENESS, of enjoyment of life.


Image of my sweet, beautiful girl. She is finally at peace, but so missed.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back to work!

I am feeling amazingly peaceful and organized the night before returning to work full time. I worked full-time for many years....with three little kids, those years were a blur. A mostly bad blur:(. So, after quitting, staying home a few months with the two younger kids, I returned to school and got my Master's degree. Have been working part time since.

I guess I just feel like the timing is right now. The kids are older, in school all day...we need the money....and double bonus: I am super excited about my new job!

So, it is 7:15, dinner is done, the kids are bathed, lunches are packed. The week's grocery shopping is done. Bills are paid. Sheets are clean. Written notes for babysitter and kid's teachers. Just need to pick out an outfit and I am done. Ready. Probably won't sleep:)!!!

So,here's to full time moms!! Bless all of you, it is alot to juggle, but I have high hopes it is worth it (this time;P)!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Five Minute Friday : ROAR

I'm trying to keep this blogging this up as long as I, here is my Five Minute Friday!!!

Ready, set, ROAR?!:

This week's topic is ROAR!! I am only feeling good things about this ROAR! Lately, I feel like roaring all the time! ROARING that I am happy! ROARING that I am excited!!! Excited to be working again, excited to have a schedule! Excited to be helping to provide for my Family!!!

ROARING for my ability to help boost the self-esteem of ladies, particularly ladies who are in the early childhood field. Each person that I help, in return helps nurture the young children they care !! That is something to ROAR about!

I guess I used to think of the word roar in a negative way. Roaring used to remind me of lions, of meanness, of harsh words and anger.

But this roar that I feel bubbling inside of me right now is a good roar. A great ROAR! I want to ROAR my happieness to everyone. Sometimes you have to roar to be heard! Really! I am so glad that I finally found my roar. That I can share my roar with others. That I can TEACH others to ROAR. \

We can use our roars in good ways. We can use our roars to praise. We can use our roars to spread the word. To spread many roars.

Feeling pretty feisty today. Ready to take on the world. WoooHooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!


Linking up to Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Fridays and loving it!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year: back to blogging!

Well, my last post was about starting back to work and how tired I was. Apparently, I never got past the tired and frantic state, because I did not post the whole Fall semester! Wow! And guess what?! I realized that this blog is a journal, keeping me aware of my feelings and more in tune to what is happening around me! Aha. Another advantage of blogging!

So, what happened while I was not blogging? I was totally consumed with the classes I was teaching and attempting to maintain sanity at home. The results: I feel like I have aged five years. Actually, I look like I aged five years. No joke. I exercised ONE time the whole semeseter. I consumed way too much wine and junk food (ahem, not good comfort replacements) and just feel YUCK!!!! When did this all hit me? When I was looking at pics of myself from Christmas! Holy smokes.....did NOT like what I saw!!!!

Anyway, enough looking backwards..........I have so much to be excited about and to look forward to!!! I got a new, full-time job that starts Jan. 9th! While going from an adjunct teaching position to a full-time positition seems like it might make my more hectice....I think it will make me more organized and fulfilled. As much as I enjoyed teaching college courses, not having an office, benefits, and colleagues made it isolating and frustrating. I now still get to work with adults, have an office ( meaning my house will be less cluttered), and be on a real schedule. I am super excited about this. Still a bit nervous (who isn't starting a new job?). I also am starting my term as co-president of our local early childhood organization. This will be alot of work, but again....I am SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!

Something else to be super happy three beautiful, happy, and healthy children; my supportive and funny husband, and a BRAND NEW NEPHEW (born December 11, 2011)!!

Anyway, hoping to attend to my blog more frequently in 2012! Happy New Year to all!!!!!! Here is a pic of the sweet new addition our family!! So excited for my sister and her husband!