Friday, June 24, 2011


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This week's prompt: Wonder

I associate wonder with worry. I wonder if we will have money to pay the bills. I wonder if I will have a full time job. I wonder if the mole between my toes is normal? I wonder if my son will do okay in kindergarten?
Children seem to associate wonder with.....well, wonder! I wonder why the trees fall off of the trees? I wonder what will happen if drop this ball? I wonder where apples come from? Maybe they do not always say it aloud, but their actions reflect their ponderings.
So when did my wonders of wonder turn into wonders of worry? It is not like I have the answer to everything? My days should be wondering alongside the children, exploring. figuring things out. Yes, I am an adult and I do have responsibilities, but I need to draw the line between Wonder and Worry.
Picture added after time was up.


  1. I wrote about worrying too! When did I lose the wonder and just being to wonder. Children have so much to teach us!

  2. I really never thought about how our childlike wonder becomes adult like worry.
    I will try and do better.

  3. This was the simliar thread of my post this morning! I pray they keep the wonder and that I learn to do it better! Bless you!

  4. You make a good point as to when our childlike wonders turn to worry.

    Are you sure I didn't write this post? ;) I'm terrible at crossing wonder with worry.

  5. I think you speak for so many of us Beth. It is so easy for us Moms to get caught up in worry. I, like you, would like to be much more child-like in my wonder. And He calls us to that - willing to take all of our wonder/worries for us.
    So nice to meet you Beth. Thank you for visiting!

  6. Hi! this was my first five minute Friday visit, post and reading them -- so fun. I added pics afterward, too... :) I am hope you spend sometime wondering in a kid-sort-of-way. We do spend to much time on the worry-wondering, don't we?

  7. Thank you. I'm going to work on making that worry a child like wonder this week.