Friday, June 3, 2011

Everyday.....the Huber Way

Love that I found this writing prompt. I really need to write and reflect much more than I do. I believe in reflecting, I believe it is an art and a necessicty. Writing and reflecting us allows us to think about our actions, our thoughts, our mistakes, our joys, our beliefs, our relationships. I teach college level early childhood courses and I am always encouraging the reflective practice with my students. I reflect on my own teaching practice. But how often do I reflect about life....about God, family, my marriage? Pretty much never:(.

So here it, goes.....Everyday. Friday's prompt.

Everyday I drink coffee. Sometimes before I go to bed I start getting excited about my morning cup of coffee. Sad? Maybe...enjoying a very small thing in life? Definitley!! I have two things hanging in the bathroom that I hope will keep my day on track. They seldom do, but attempt.

Don't Count everyday, Make Everyday Count

"Remind me again and again, Lord, that I have strength for everything through Him empowers me" (Phil 4:13)

Everyday I try to make count for both me and my children. My husband and I are both teachers and are both off all summer. With little money to spend and HOT,HOT,HOT weather....the days can be long. I start off with great intentions. The kids will do fun, family things. We will eat healthy. My five year old son will not beg to play computer games all day. I will not fight with my 11 year old daughter. My seven year old will keep me on track. "MOM, YOU SAID....." . I try to do some cleaning, keep the house cool, pay bills, do laundry, craft.

Usually around 3 it seems to go downhill. Fighting. Messes. Kids back on the computer (Oh, husband, too). I start asking for space. I hate that I do this every afternoon. What is going wrong?!! Too much to do? Too much pressure? UGH. Need to reflect more.

thanks for this, I think.



  1. The afternoon, around 3, is about when I start to lose all my creativity and intentions too :-)

    Beautifully honest post.

  2. Popping in from 5 Minute Fridays... It was a great post!! And, I can totally relate about the 3pm and things falling apart all around and then giving in too. The good thing is that there will be another day to start again and that you love your children and husband and they love you! God bless you and your beautiful family!! :)