Saturday, February 21, 2015

First Sleepover

So, my boy had a seizure last May. Totally out of the blue, totally scary, not accompanying a gever and freaked me the Hell out. One of those life changing events that will never be forgotten. Not one second. After many tests, he was diagnosed with a form of Epilepsy. A form that is usually outgrown following puberty. He is on anti-seizure medication, taken twice a day. And he has not had another seizure. The other day, I was telling my mom that Jack was our healthiest child. You know, besides that whole Epilepsy thing. That early morning I experienced my first ever drop to my knees and beg to God moment. Really, the one and only I have ever had. He had a seizure and could not move half of his body. Oh my gosh.

So, here we are. Almost one year later. And the boy is at his first sleepover. We had to bring over his bag, favorite blanket and his medication. To a family who did not know he needed this medicine. I think they were okay. I said, he won't have a seizure, but he needs this medicine. They kindly sent us a text when he received the medicine.

So, besides the seizure, besides the medicine. My baby is at his first sleepover. Agh. I can hardly stand it. He is my sweet, cuddly boy. Who I still carry down to the couch every morning before school ..So hard. So, so hard. Lots of hard times in the future, for us and those three Huber sweeties.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Five Minute Friday: Open

Open, as I am wide open right now. Wide open for change. Open to receive. Open for new. I am just coming off almost a whole week of snow days with my family. Really not much to do, but think. Well, I did have many things I could have been doing but I don't think those should be done on snow days. JMO. I did a lot of reading. Reading so much and so hard that when a child would come say and ask me a question, I would stare at them for a minute, like who are you? What world do you live in/come from, because it is not the world I have been in for the past three hours. I also did a lot of staring. Staring at my children, staring at the blank walls in our fairly (okay over a year) old house. I know and feel that change is coming. And I am so open to it all. It has taken me a year to get used to being forty and I have just recently decided that I like it. I am ready for what is coming. Bring it! I am also open to new thoughts, new friends, new jobs, new romance (in my own marriage). I am open to new parenting, new food, new exercise and new adventures. This is my new and I am ready and OPEN to it all.

a href="" title="Five Minute Friday">Five Minute Friday

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Hippy Sister

So, tonight I was talking to my mom and she started laughing and told me that they were going to start calling me the hippy sister (they, as in my mom, dad and sister). This title was awarded to me after they read the Facebook status the other day. A heartfelt status describing why snow days were so precious to my family. I did mention health and spirituality. They thought it was hilarious. That I am a hippy and where did I come from? Then she paused. Was I offended? Nope, not really. I said mom, I have always been like this. Not like a HIPPY, FLOWER CHILD (although I tried), just an open-minded touchy feely kind of gal. That's me. That's who I am. I am not offended, in the least. Kind of proud, actually;).

Anyway, another snow day for the Hubers. And my hubby's 41st Birthday. It was nice to be all together. We continued Lent projects, Science Fair project and sweet Jack even read a bible story with me. And discussed it.

So, I have to get dressed and go to work tomorrow. Taking it like the grownup I am. Plus, I get to see all those sweet kindergarten babies.

Here are some pics of our Lenten spiral road and Jesus. All made from love and hopeful faith from the Hubers.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lent: A self study

So, I made this crazy attempt to be a spiritual leader for the family. I started by talking to Carly (who brought up giving something up for Lent). I tried to explain that it is not just giving something up. It is making time and space to grow closer to God. Puzzled look from Carly. Then I called the three kids downstairs and tried to kind of gauge what they already know about Lent. Limited and scattered responses. I admit, I was immediately discouraged. At their answers, at their squabbling while we were talking...and really, a tremendous amount of guilt. What have I done (not done)? I admit, I got snippish. FINE, they would do some reading. FINE.

Somewhere between stomping upstairs and looking for my Why do Catholics do That book, I began to think of my sillieness. Not the sillieness of Lent and faith, but the sillieness of forcing my agenda on my unsuspecting children. When I came back downstairs, we looked up Lenten activities on Pinterest. Yes, I am using Pinerest as my guide....there is some really good stuff out there! Anyway, we did find some projects. Some art, some lists, some calendars..hopefully something that will fit all of our learning styles. We touched on what will hopefully be a journey for our family. No church today. Crazy winter weather, one sick girl.

Here is a project that we worked on together. Symbolizing our Lenten promise to help others. Jack helped me find a spot to hang it, a place where we will continuously reminded of what we should be doing, everyday

So, in the words of Ruth Haley Burton:

As we enter into this wilderness time, may we recognize a sense of anticipation about how God will meet us in the space we create for Him.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Days : Lent

Another post? In the same year? Who would have thunk?!

We are on our second day of no school for snow. Tomorrow will be the third day of no school. Tomorrow is also Ash Wednesday. The cards are lining up. Something is about to happen. Church. For the entire family. In a Catholic church. My roots are calling to me and they are calling strong. I made that list the other day, the list of what I need to focus on. And really is should be top. I am called to be the spiritual leader of this family, for real. My husband even says, when mom says we go to church, we go to church. Well, this mamma has dropped the ball. And that sucks.

I read this link by Team Whitaker and was so inspired for this upcoming Lent. Really, it is well-written and struck an enormous chord with me.

Lent=big deal=hopefully sparking my spiritual growth=me guiding my family.

This should underline it ALL. Bottom line.

Monday, February 16, 2015

One year later

Can I do this? Can I jump back on the blogging train? I miss writing. I read other's blogs and I am briefly inspired. And I get sucked into reading blog after blog after blog. What should I write about? Where should my focus be? Family? Teaching? Health and fitness? Marriage? Myself? Years ago, my focus was crafting. Wow. There have not been any crafts for this house or family in years (from me). Then I shifted to family, I think? Myself, off and on.

Anywho, the past year there have been so many (too many?) changes. Jack was diagnosed with Epilepsy, I left my full time job with benefits to be a part time kindergarten teacher, my oldest daughter is a freshman in high school, my eleven year old has a boyfriend. Oh my changes. I have continued to workout ( a whole year of exercise) and now I trying to get healthy from within (vitamins and essential oils). There is nine million things to blog about and I kind of want to blog about them all! A hodgepodge of my life. Where to begin? Help:)!!!

I guess I will start off with talking about where I NEED to be focusing.

My spiritual life. Is Lacking. Everything. My role as a spiritual leader for my family is not really a role at all(unless you count me paying for oldest child to go to a Christian camp and occasionally picking her up from youth group).

Building family memories.

My marriage. Needs focus and attention.

My career. I am so focused on my short term job (weighted statement) that I am losing sight on where I am going and what I have worked so hard to achieve.

Here's to more moments like these:


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Coffee for your heart

I am day late on this post, but again..laptop problems. I could have gone upstairs to my husband's computer, but that would have taken away from my family and so far this New Year, I have successfully (mostly) kept my family the focus of my heart in the evenings.

This blog entry is my first writing for Coffee for your heart, a linky party created by Holley Gerth. Funny enough, the joy I would like to spread today actually centers around coffee:). Part of my New Year's Resolutions included making connections with friends; old and new. Yesterday I made a lunch date with a friend that only get to see about twice a year. And get this, she is in the Master's program at the college I work at and lives five mnutes from campus. That is just too crazy that we do not see each other more often!

For our date yesterday, we went to our local healthy supermarket (earthfare..yummy). Time flew. We laughed, we ate, we reminised, we talked about our family. And we ended with coffee. Coffee is our special connection. When we worked togetehr years ago, we shared our love of coffee. And shared our challege of drinking coffee at work (we were toddler teachers at the time). We also started a small book club and typically our meeting place was a local coffee shop.

I am not sure why my picture is sideways, but I am not going to let it bug me (too much). I do know that my lunch date brought me much JOY. Making the time for hour boosted my spirits, made me feel safe and warm, and made me want to schedule more times like these. I have learned over the past two months, that if I want to exercise and be healthy, that I have to schedule the time and make preparations. During this busy season of my life (being a full time working mother of young children and a wife), these things don't happen unless I committ myself to make them happen.

When my friend dropped me off at work, we promised to pick a day each month to meet for lunch. Something for us to look forward to. We emailed each other later about a book we had discussed and then late last night I received an email from her. She said, "I hope you know I love you bunches". I didn't receive the email until this morning and it made me so happy. Joyous.

I hope who ever reads this also recongizes the joy that friendships bring to their life.

Thanks, for listening.