Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sweet, sweet summer time

I feel like the only pictures I take lately are of crafts, tutorials, etc. And do you know what?! I am tired of doing it!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE sharing ideas, showing people what I am up to and reading other's ideas. But it is really tedious to take pics of the creative process. I miss just taking pictures of my kids, nature, etc. So, this post is complete with pictures that do not include, paint, glue, furniture, dirty cloths, glaze, etc........Enjoy!

Simple summer moments. Crafting behind scenes;)!


and then, she {snapped}

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Downstairs porch, part two...accessories!

Well, our porch is coming along....slowly. There has been alot of rain and busy days. My accessories are finished, but the actual porch is waiting. Chris and our friend are going to finish hanging the ceiling tomorrow and then we will put it all together;)! Yah~!

I did not buy anything (major) new for this area. I used spray paint and acrylic paint love to transform our outdoor lamp. However (shame on me), I did not take a before picture. So imagine, this....a faded, black base and a cream lampshade that had paint splatters and mildew spots. It needed some major love. I first soaked the lampshade in a gentle detergent and then gave it a bleach bath. Most of the spots came out and it looked much brighter. I then stenciled (bought mine at Michael's for $5.00)a damask pattern on the lampshade using Citron green Acrylic paint. To add a little detail, I found cute little orange buttons at Hobby Lobby and sewed them on top with green thread. The based was sprayed twice with Krylon turquoise spray paint. I also sprayed a poly protector on top. I love my "new" lamp!

Madison helping to straighten the lampshade, still working on that!

The shade and the base, see my pretty Butterfly Bush in the background, I love her and her beautiful blooms.........they smell soooooo good!

One more shot of the lampshade.

Oh, and the color match our "new" rug (feature in the part 1 downstairs patio post).

Here is the fun sign that the girls and I worked on together. We will hang it when the porch is complete!

We started with a 24 x 24 piece of plywood. I gently sanded with my handy electric sander. I spent time roughing up the edges and giving the surface a slight texture to paint.

My two darling helpers!

Next, I used a creamy white acrylic paint (which I used to antique everything, no fancy chalk paint in this house....but I would love to try it one day). After letting it dry, I gently sanded with a sanding sponge and added a layer of Martha Stewart Sea glass paint. Again, dry, sand. I then used my black antique glaze over the top. I rubbed it off with a towel.

I next wrote The Huber Hideaway using pencil. I traced over with a black Sharpie. I did freehand my lettering and this shows. Next time I will use some sort of tool! Using a very fine paintbrush, I filled in the letters with red paint. After the paint dried, I rubbed additional black antiquing finish on top.

The final, and really the funnest, part was to take the electric sander and run it back over the whole sign (after it was completely dry). It make some really cool lines in the letters and added extra ridges throughout. I like the red lettering because it reminds me of circus signs from the olden days! My oldest did not like the red AT All. Although we disagreed on the final product, we had fun making it.

And here are my pretty flowers that are blooming. Love these type of daylillies because they get super tall and are a beautiful shade of orange. I get so excited when the first one opens up!

Hope everyone had a great summer day!

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and then, she {snapped}


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This week's prompt: Wonder

I associate wonder with worry. I wonder if we will have money to pay the bills. I wonder if I will have a full time job. I wonder if the mole between my toes is normal? I wonder if my son will do okay in kindergarten?
Children seem to associate wonder with.....well, wonder! I wonder why the trees fall off of the trees? I wonder what will happen if drop this ball? I wonder where apples come from? Maybe they do not always say it aloud, but their actions reflect their ponderings.
So when did my wonders of wonder turn into wonders of worry? It is not like I have the answer to everything? My days should be wondering alongside the children, exploring. figuring things out. Yes, I am an adult and I do have responsibilities, but I need to draw the line between Wonder and Worry.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My at home Get Away!

I love my house and I love my children. However, there are times when I feel like we are all on top of each other. That can be wonderful, or can be really annoying (I know all of you know how I feel!)! Every single room in our house is kid friendly. We do not have a formal dining area or living room.We do have a family room and a small den. Since at least ONE child climbs into our bed everynight, we really don't even have our own bedroom. Sigh.

That is why I am so in head over heels in love with our new space! Last year we had our deck enclosed (it already had a roof). Now this room is usable about three seasons of the year (way too cold in winter). It is bright, airy, and musical ( I will explain that in a minute). It is attached to our kitchen and eating area so it like an extension of our eating space. Kids can sit out there while adults eat inside or vice versa. I can talk on the phone, BLOG, grade papers, read, hang out with husband and/or friends, do puzzles, play Scrabble, craft and enjoy a glass of wine. It is my little slice of home Heaven.

Come take a tour!!
This is my favorite corner. That capiz shell light fixture was purchased in Hawaii in the 1970's. My father-in-law was the Navy and my husband spent the first two years of his life in Hawaii. It was a cheap buy! Now they sell tiny capiz shell lights in West Elm catalog for around $100.00. I can't imagine how much this would be. This is my musical element, when the breeze blows through the window, the light fixture becomes a gentle wind chime.

This next picture shows the window where I watch our fish in the pond below. When I feed them, they are very sneaky about coming to the surface with me standing there. So I throw their food in then run upstairs to spy. It is also lovely to hear the water trickling in the pond.

Here is my favorite place to sit and put my feet up. When you sit in this spot, you get a perfect view of the sunset over the trees.

Here is the window where my sweet hubby can pass my a glass of wine:)!!!

The next two pictures are the other half of the porch. The kids have an art easel and supplies. The flooring is perfect for messy projects. I told you every room in the house is kid friendy! The second picture is the small pub table and stools. My husband, brother and sister in law and I ate Thanksgiving dinner out here this past year. It was in the high 60's!! Crazieness!

Hope you enjoyed the tour! The patio underneath is slowly, but surely, coming along! Hope to have pics soon!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

The downstairs porch, part one

We have made many improvements/updates to our downstairs porch. We have a recently glassed-in upstairs porch that we have focused on the past couple of years are thought we needed to give the area underneath some love.....on a budget.

One of the first improvements was our outdoor rug. Poor thing is well loved, but very faded. At $60.00 a pop, we could not afford to buy new. So after some pressure washing, painting, and a quick protective spray, we have a new and bright outdoor rug.

Here she is in the beginning of the process.

I first had the idea to apply Citron colored acrylic paint over the faded maroon circles. I applied with a sponge brush.

This proved a tedious process,where I found myself asking my husband how much that outdoor rug cost?~?!!!! After several breaks,I had the brainstorm to add some turquoise around the edges...

My sweet children even helped during this process. Granted they did not last long, but I enjoyed their help and conversation while they were there! And Madison came up with the idea to paint the middle of the flowers orange. Which, by the way, looked awesome!

So, instead of paying $60.00 for a new rug, I spend $5.00 on paint, I already had the protective spray, and got to spend MUCHO quality time with the kiddos........PRICELESS! A new, fresh,summer look=LOVE~!

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More patio updates to come;)!

Friday, June 17, 2011


Yah for 5 minute Fridays! It is 4:10 PM and I finally have five minutes to ramble, I mean, write!!Today's prompt: home. Ready, set, go!

I am a 36 year old mom, married with three children. And we own a home. Somedays I am still in awe that I have come this far in life! I have a home, with kids, and chores, and food, and laughter, and fighting, and tears.
Everyday, I open my eyes to see which of my children have crawled into our bed at night. I step over my fourteen year old dog and go down the hall to get my coffee. I clean, I craft, I eat, I play, I watch t.v., I hang with friends and occassionally extended family.
I make sure there are clean sheets on the bed and that the floor is swept. Medicine is dispensed, plants are watered and that the fish in our tiny pond our fed.
Sometimes I get angry at our home. I see too much clutter, dust, dirt. Spots on the walls and stains on the carpet. Sometimes I drink too much wine and eat too many chips. Sometimes I yell at the kids to go outside and play, sometimes I tell them they need to spend time inside with their family/
This is what happens in our home. I love our home. My parent's house is no longer my home. I am an adult and I try to make our home where our family and friends want to be. I want to be here. In my home.


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Thursday, June 16, 2011

File organizer revamp!

I am so excited about this project that I completed tonight!!! I used new techniques (and learned lessons along the way),and overall I am really loving this functional piece!

I have looking for a file system that you hang on the walls to sort my children's school papers (which are usually spread out on the kitchen table or counter). I saw some in Pottery Barn and some in Ballard Designs, but they did not really appeal to me and were way to pricey. So, I patiently kept looking and then I found one, in all its RED T.J. Maxx. I loved the feet on the bottom, the beadboard on the sides and it had three compartments, for my three amigos! I don't have anything THAT bright in my house, but I knew I could tone it down. Here is before picture:

The first thing I did was sand the top, sides and edges with my electric sander. I then used a paintbrush to apply Miniwax in a Dark Walnut stain.The fronts of the compartments were tricky, think I should have sanded more, but I did my best to add some character by applying stain and then rubbing off. I finished with two coats of Poly Wipe-off (first time using this, loved it).

Here comes the fun part,adding details! I first picked two different scrapbook paper pages from Hobby Lobby. I applied a layer of Mod Podge on the top of unit. Then I layered the scrapbook book paper on top. I applied one layer of ModPodge on top,let it dry and then put on another layer. I MAYBE should have stopped here, but I really, really wanted to try to use resin. Here it is before the resin. Wish I had a better picture of the before top, I forgot!

After I taped wax paper around the parts I did not want "shiny", I mixed the resin and applied the flood coat. It was kind of messy with the dripping, but it was fun. I used a propane lighter to remove the bubbles. Unfortanately, I did not seal the scrapbook paper as well as I should have with ModPodge, so there are some shadows on top. My sweet husband told me this made it look more antiqued. Still, did not think it was bad for the first time!

For the final touch, I bought three more scrapbook pages from Michael's (I have to share my love with both of the craft stores). It has the black damask pattern on a clear background. So it looks shiney, too....and you can see the red through the back. I used Glue Dots to attach these inside the compartments. I love how it looks!

Shout out to some of the products I used:

Have a great week!

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