Thursday, January 9, 2014

Coffee for your heart

I am day late on this post, but again..laptop problems. I could have gone upstairs to my husband's computer, but that would have taken away from my family and so far this New Year, I have successfully (mostly) kept my family the focus of my heart in the evenings.

This blog entry is my first writing for Coffee for your heart, a linky party created by Holley Gerth. Funny enough, the joy I would like to spread today actually centers around coffee:). Part of my New Year's Resolutions included making connections with friends; old and new. Yesterday I made a lunch date with a friend that only get to see about twice a year. And get this, she is in the Master's program at the college I work at and lives five mnutes from campus. That is just too crazy that we do not see each other more often!

For our date yesterday, we went to our local healthy supermarket (earthfare..yummy). Time flew. We laughed, we ate, we reminised, we talked about our family. And we ended with coffee. Coffee is our special connection. When we worked togetehr years ago, we shared our love of coffee. And shared our challege of drinking coffee at work (we were toddler teachers at the time). We also started a small book club and typically our meeting place was a local coffee shop.

I am not sure why my picture is sideways, but I am not going to let it bug me (too much). I do know that my lunch date brought me much JOY. Making the time for hour boosted my spirits, made me feel safe and warm, and made me want to schedule more times like these. I have learned over the past two months, that if I want to exercise and be healthy, that I have to schedule the time and make preparations. During this busy season of my life (being a full time working mother of young children and a wife), these things don't happen unless I committ myself to make them happen.

When my friend dropped me off at work, we promised to pick a day each month to meet for lunch. Something for us to look forward to. We emailed each other later about a book we had discussed and then late last night I received an email from her. She said, "I hope you know I love you bunches". I didn't receive the email until this morning and it made me so happy. Joyous.

I hope who ever reads this also recongizes the joy that friendships bring to their life.

Thanks, for listening.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

After hours

I am trying so hard to stick to my one blog entry a day!! Last night my laptop would not let me onto my page, so my much anticipated post (ha) ad to wait until today. Boo.

Yeserday was a full day back in the work world and as soon as I got home I could feel all of my New Year's hopes and dreams leaving my body. There is somthing about me NOT BEING able to leave my work mindset (and often bad mood) behind me! I didn't feel like exercising, I wanted to be on the computer, I was craving junk and just being a big old crab to my family. I felt like I was back at square one. Or negative one. Whatever.

I exused myself to go take a shower before dinner. It took a few minutes to relax. By about halfway through, I could hear the kids loudly playing,I could smell dinner that Chris was making and I was really appreciating the hot shower on this 3 degrees day. I thought I was fixed. Positive thoughts work! I got out of the shower, clean, fresh, and ready to be with my family. I even took this awewsome picture of my sweet family life when I cam downstairs:

Feeling like I conquered, well-a bad day, I sat down at the table with my family. And found my bad mood again. My seven year old has some eating isses and does whatever he can to avoid eating. And I was like a hawk on him the whole time. It was tiring and ridiculous (on both of our parts, I might add). Chris tried to lighten the mood, but it really did not help. At all. I put this dark cloud over dinner.

I tried to shake the mood for the rest of the night, but I was just not fooling anyone. PMS? Work? Lack of mental control? All of the above? I don't know. I just know I thougth I was doing so well focusing on the family. I feel like the more hours I am away from them the more difficult it is for me to get back into their world. Tough.

Today was a bit better...well, I haven't gone home yet. I do have an exercise class tonight so maybe that is a key to the work to home transistion. Only time will tell.

I did read an amazing blog entry by Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky today. Amazing. Check it out.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Ok, ok, ok. I KNOW I am not really Supermom, but I kind of feel like one today:). I really think my New Year is going fantastically and I really credit this to starting some of my resolutions (exercising, eating better) early. Keeping up these new habits over Christmas was a true test that I feel I passed with semi-flying colors. But just continuing these habits is not enough to meet my resolutions requirements. I now need to move to a focus on my family and we had such a great weekend:).

Friday night Chris took the girls to indoor soccer and Jack and I stayed home to watch a Percy Jackson movie. We also played Just Dance together and made a slushie. Last night we had friends over for dinner and all the kids played so well together. And THIS mom did not drink wine! WhooHoo....what an amazing difference that makes:).

Today came my Supermom rush. I took my two girls running. We bundle up to brave the elements (and then we stepped outside and realized it was nice...oops). We shed some gear and ran/walked almost miles. This included pounding the pavement to Food City and buying more smoothie stuff. We had such a good time and it felt so awesome to do something healthy WITH the girlies. Loved it. Again, wish I would have been doing this stuff all along, but I will keep facing forward with this most positive focus. As long as I possibly can.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Doing things the right way

I did something very grown up yesterday. And yes, I realize that I am a 39 year old mother of three who holds a full-time job and teaches other adults. However, besides going to work and doing that MOM thing, I typically do not do things the right way/adult way.

The example leading to this post? Yesterday my husband and I went to a speciality running store that fits your feet for running shoes. Why is this such a grown-up, right thing to do? I have extremely flat feet. No arches. AND I overpronate. My feet are a mess. And when I exercise, which I have been for the past two months, I am really, really feeling it in my knees, feet and lower back. I have had friends tell me to go this store and I just didn't listen. Until yesterday. With a bit of pushing from my husband we took some Christmas money and took the plunge to the fancy running shoe store. Here are my special, ultra supportive, non-mobilizing shoes.

Like little pillows of heaven on my feet. Wait, I have not gone running yet! But I did wear them while playing Just Dance with Jack last night AND I wore them from the car to Pilates class, where I promptly took them off and put them on the side of the classoom. They are so pretty.

Anyway, this is not just about my fancy sneakers. This is to me taking care of me. I am almost 40 years old. Things are starting to hurt. Gray hairs are sprouting and new crinkles are showing up on my face. Working out makes me really tired and having a late night with friend requires a two day recovery period.

I want to be a good role model for my children. I want them to watch me take pride in body, flaws and all and treat it like the temple it should be.

Who knows where I will go from here? I do know I need a mammogram this year. Who I am I fooling? I just need to go the gynocologist period. I have not been since Jack was born!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Turning this life and pointing to a bright future!:)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Fight

Fight. Wow, this one threw me for a loop. I really avoiding fighting at all costs. The thought of confontation makes my heart race, my armpits sweat and my neck turn red. Oh yes, and my voice shakes and I typically start crying. Not good at fighting at all. NOW.

Growing up, I fought with my brother, sister and parents ALL the fricking time. I came from a house of yellers and fighters. We all still love each other, we survived, but I do not choose to go back there at all. My husband came from a home where there may have been SOME fighting but not like the wars in my home. Needless to say, he is still a bit shell-shocked around my family.

But you know what, I think I will add this to 2014. Fight. I need to fight more. I need to find my voice. The voice that appears when I come out of my comfort zone. And I am not talking about fighting with my family. I am talking about fighting with those who make me upset. Those who treat me unfairly. Because when people treat me unfairly, or I watch them treat others unfairly and do not stick up for them, then I come home and and am unpleasant to those who give me undconditional love. And that's when THEY want to fight me.

Time's up.

Five Minute Friday

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Family Jewels

Over the years my mom has given me the most beautiful and meaningful pieces of jewelry. Many of the pieces have a strong connection to family. Each time I receive one of these special gifts it means the world to me. When I wear these pieces I actually feel my children on my heart. Really. When I wear these necklaces or bracelets, I often play with them throughout the day. Unfortanately, I am so bad about rotating jewelry! I pretty much just wear my wedding rings, a pair of earrings and the latest piece of jewelry from my mom. I really love everything she has given me and need to make a point to where them more often. They make me think of her and my family.

This year for Christmas she gave me this stunning freshwater pearl necklace.

I immediately fell in love with the style. My mom was watching me open the gift and told me to read the back.

The path to a strong family is love

So true. So Special. Thanks to my mom for giving such thoughtful gifts.

I also wore another special item today!

Carly made me this yesterday on her Rainbow Loom. She chose green and white because Michigan State was playing in the Rose Bowl. She made a matching one for herself. Jack and Carly have both made me many, many bracelets. And they both LOVE when I wear them. She will be super excited to see that I wore it to work today.

Second day of the 2014 and am proud of blogging AND taking pictures two days in a row. Whoo Hoo! Now off to work!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New year, new focus!

I write this post with a little less enthusiasim as a New Year Day post should be written as I am spending the first day of the new year with a wineover. Blech. Perfect motivation for me to include "drink much less wine" one of my New Year's resolutions. I know that the first post of the year should be looking towards the future, with bright eyes and hope......and I do intend to do this!! After I dwell on this past year! The past year, a blur...too much work, too little family. I do count my blessings though and I extremely grateful for the health of my immediate and extended family. I am extremely grateful for my family period. We bought a new home this year and working to fill it with memories. Being off work since December 23rd has helped me refocus and I really needed that. 2014, hello. I thankfully started one of my resolutions about eight weeks ago....working out and clean(er) eating. Well, except for that damn wine. I go to the gym ALOT and I love it. I feel stronger and better. My goal is try new classes, new things. This included more weight lifting. I do not want to lose weight. I want to tone, build stregth and improve my posture. Another big resolution, and I feel so silly writing this, but here goes. I need to break my addiction to Facebook. Such a life sucker!!! The amount of time I spend on this social media site is insane. I love to see people's pictures and see what is going on in there life. But, moderation has to be key!! You know you have a problem when you are going through the ordinary routines of the day and thinking about how you can turn those moments into a witty Facebook status. Bad. Next resolution up....and I should have put this earlier, but with all the time I will have from being off FB, I can focus on more important things. Church. We need to focus on faith as a family. More later. Family. More dates with my husband. More time with my children. Madison had joined the gym with me, but she really never goes. I was hoping that would be our bonding time, but I thinking no. I want to build more memories with my children. For my children. Work. Need to find something I love, all the way around, not just the teaching part. The joy that teaching brings me does not make up for the negative aspects of my job. I need to up the job search and make more contacts. Friends. I think Chris and I need to do a better job at finding friends with children. We are homebodies and sometimes I fear that will have a negative impact on our children. Writing. Blogging. Journaling. And taking more pictures. Will help to slow down the time. I feel good about this journey called A NEW YEAR:). And I am not even going to write a Facebook status about it! My blog focus will be changing to reflect my progress. Stay tuned world.