Sunday, January 5, 2014


Ok, ok, ok. I KNOW I am not really Supermom, but I kind of feel like one today:). I really think my New Year is going fantastically and I really credit this to starting some of my resolutions (exercising, eating better) early. Keeping up these new habits over Christmas was a true test that I feel I passed with semi-flying colors. But just continuing these habits is not enough to meet my resolutions requirements. I now need to move to a focus on my family and we had such a great weekend:).

Friday night Chris took the girls to indoor soccer and Jack and I stayed home to watch a Percy Jackson movie. We also played Just Dance together and made a slushie. Last night we had friends over for dinner and all the kids played so well together. And THIS mom did not drink wine! WhooHoo....what an amazing difference that makes:).

Today came my Supermom rush. I took my two girls running. We bundle up to brave the elements (and then we stepped outside and realized it was nice...oops). We shed some gear and ran/walked almost miles. This included pounding the pavement to Food City and buying more smoothie stuff. We had such a good time and it felt so awesome to do something healthy WITH the girlies. Loved it. Again, wish I would have been doing this stuff all along, but I will keep facing forward with this most positive focus. As long as I possibly can.

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