Thursday, January 2, 2014

Family Jewels

Over the years my mom has given me the most beautiful and meaningful pieces of jewelry. Many of the pieces have a strong connection to family. Each time I receive one of these special gifts it means the world to me. When I wear these pieces I actually feel my children on my heart. Really. When I wear these necklaces or bracelets, I often play with them throughout the day. Unfortanately, I am so bad about rotating jewelry! I pretty much just wear my wedding rings, a pair of earrings and the latest piece of jewelry from my mom. I really love everything she has given me and need to make a point to where them more often. They make me think of her and my family.

This year for Christmas she gave me this stunning freshwater pearl necklace.

I immediately fell in love with the style. My mom was watching me open the gift and told me to read the back.

The path to a strong family is love

So true. So Special. Thanks to my mom for giving such thoughtful gifts.

I also wore another special item today!

Carly made me this yesterday on her Rainbow Loom. She chose green and white because Michigan State was playing in the Rose Bowl. She made a matching one for herself. Jack and Carly have both made me many, many bracelets. And they both LOVE when I wear them. She will be super excited to see that I wore it to work today.

Second day of the 2014 and am proud of blogging AND taking pictures two days in a row. Whoo Hoo! Now off to work!

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