Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Graduations, A Finished headboard, and Summer plans!

Man, have we had a BUSY two weeks. Jack graduated from preschool (sniff), Madison from fifth grade (sniff) and Carly is moving from the multiage program where she has been for three years to third grade. We had celebrations, end of the year parties, Field Day, talent show, and graduation practice. THIS silly mom volunteered to make desserts for fifth grade graduation. More specifically, I volunteered to make cake pops. Which I have never made. Many of curse words (yes, I curse in the kitchen) later and four fake cake pops produced (chocalate dipped big marshmallows), they were complete. Along with three bags of dipped chocalate pretzel sticks and four batches of homemade lemon bars. I did all of the baking I can do for a year. Seriously. Here a couple of my favorite pics from graduations and other end of the year celebrations.

Jack and his classmates saying Grace.

Cute little man:)!

Carly and one of her favorite teachers

Madison and my parents

Jackson's celebration, thanks to Amy from Living Locurta for the Star Wars Printables

Dessert table and 5th grade graduation look at all of those &#$*@ cakepops!

And we finally finished Madison's headboard. It began as this not-very-attractive, plain...yet functional brown headboard.

After being inspired by many spray painting projects here in blog world, I thought I would give spray painting a try. Oh my. This is what it looked like in the progress. Scary.

After three coats of spray paint, I finally decided to paint the rest with some white paint we had leftover from another project. Finally, I was satisfied and able to move on to next step:). Madison chose some hot pink zebra fabric and some pom-pom trim to cover the shelf and add softness.

We chose to use velcro to attach the fabric to the headboard. That we it could easily be removed and we could change out fabric if we needed to. I orginally going to handsew the velcro to the fabric (I don't own a sewing machine AND I don't know how to sew). Ha, ha, ha.

Meet my new best friend:

So here is the finished product!!! We will use the rest of the fabric to make a desk chair cover and cushion. It looks so cute in her room.

Behind the curtain, her books and STUFF (you know, all of the piddly little things tweens need). The backing of the shelf is still brown and rough. We have big plans to put mirrored tile back there.

The little round object is a little light we had orginally bought for under the kitchen cabinets. Madison had the great idea of velcroing it underneath the shelf, like a nightlight. So cute, the girl has some great ideas!

One more shot!

We also made this bolster pillow (which I did hand sew, don't judge:) and this desk blotter). Madison picked out the fabric, the suede fringe and the cute buttons on the sides.

Okay, I feel caught up. I think. My next post is about our summer plans and how we survive the summer without killing each other (my husband and I are both off all summer long).



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Thursday, May 19, 2011

"H" marks the spot!

So I discovered why I enjoy creating and blogging to the extent that I do: it both relaxes me and allows me to focus on making our home our haven. The past few days have been crazy, busy...end of the year activities and milestones for all of the kiddos. Yet, while I was at Hobby Lobby looking or ribbon for me oldest daughter's graduation ceremony, I took the time to find some accessories/crafts for the house. So, when I have needed so me relaxtion/down time the past couple of days, I have focused on lovelies (at least in our eyes) for our home.

I used three purchases at Hobby Lobby to complete two "H" projects. First I added the finishing touch to our little front door wreath. Orginally this wreath consisted of a basic grapevine wreath (found in my garage), a tiny sparkly green wreath that I had bought for St. Patty's Day years ago, and a few fake flowers I had in my garage, too. I orginally bought the "H" monogram to hang on a hook, but that didn't work out. Instead, I added it to the center of the wreath. And I LOVE it. Here it is:

My other two purchases were a thin wooden letter "h" for $1.99 and some soft, beautiful, green yarn. Using a bit of hot glue, I wrapped the( H in the soft green yarn. By the way, this looks so much easier in opictures;). I finished the monogram b adding some twine (that I had at home) around the middle and then gluing two homemade rosebuds on top (when I was learning to make these I made ALOT, so I have extra laying around! This cutie is now sitting our mantle next to our wedding picture and my son's homemade spring school projects.

Coming up: pics from my son's preschool graduation (AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!) and from his small Stars Wars celebration we had at dinner. It was a good day, my friends!!


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The Shabby Nest

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Awesome Giveaway!!

New giveaway....Annie Sloan paint, giveaway entries through 6/20. Follow the link above for more info:

While I hope to be doing giveaways one day, I am only the messenger this time!! Run to Tatortots and Jello (one of my favorite blogs:)) and find out all about the Silhouette machine giveaway!! Contest ends May 25th!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Our little Book Nook

Well, the materials that I was waiting for from Mr. UPS were not delivered today, so Madison and I have been unable to complete her headboard. Maybe tomorrow? Anyway, thought I would share some projects we completed around the house before I began this blog!!

What I am about to write about really did start in my daughter's brain. I got excited about the idea and told my husband. The idea was to create a book nook in the closet under our stairs. I was so super excited.....until I opened the closet door and saw the gigantic mess. This is where a before picture would be great, but like I said....pre-blogging days!!! Anyway, I shut that door and went on my merry way. Apparently my husband saw the potential and went for it!! He took everything out of the closet and organized. He is my hero!

My role: shopping! I bought the baskets to hold their books and the little plastic paint container for their chalk. We also bought bright pink chalk paint (Home Depot, they mix the chalk paint with the color of your choice). This was for the book nook and because we promised Carly we would cover the "mural" my son made on her bedroom wall when he was two (yes, he is five now...you do the math...we are very slow!). I bought the shower curtain divider on clearance at Target. We had the other colors of paint from previous projects and we just got new carpet, hence the carpet remnant. I bought the wall decals at TJ Maxx (oh how I love thee) and let the kids be in charge of decorating with those. Behind the curtain is storage (suitcases, board games, etc.). Here are some pics!! Like I said, this was all Chris!

(Light fixture, baskets, Lowes; chalkboard paint Home Depot, plastic paint can Michael's, shower curtain, Target)

So the following occured through this process:
A) I discovered that I can really sell an idea to someone, even if I already have given up:)
B) That scary, scary mess got cleaned out and organized
C) The kids got to organize their books and choose which ones would go under the stairs
D) The kids have a small space to hang out, read, and bond
E) The kids have a small space to fight over and be on top of each other;)
F) The chalkboard gets used for spelling words....nice.
G) My parents decided after seeing this space that in a few short years Madison would be bringing boys in their to smooch. THAT is something that Chris did not plan for!!

Hope you enjoyed the little reading nook!


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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend of fancy haircuts, Skywalker smoothies and of course, crafting!

We have had a splendid and relaxing weekend, thus far! A few big thunderstorms here and there, but nothing that was damaging or made us lose our power. Just watered our new plants and created fantastic napping weather (yes, I settled down for a nice nap late Friday afternoon). LOVE naps:)!

Three out of the six Hubers got new hairdos. One, my husband, was the average men's haircut. Jack got his haircut as well. The hairdresser got a little fancy with him and put blonde highlights (JUST WASHOUT GEL) in Jack's hair. He is looking pretty cool. The 3rd fancy hairdo? Our fourteen year old dog, who is probably wondering if it is really necessary to put purple bows in a senior citizen's hair? Ha,ha. It is making her feel better though. Her coat gets so thick and makes her miserable. Here are some pics of Jack and Sadie! Sorry, did not get a pic of husband. Take my word for it....he looked very handsome:)!

Madison and I worked on finisihing her headboard. We measured the fabric, I pretended I was going to handsew (I don't own or know how to use a machine),and then turned to fabric glue. Worked like magic. Madison had another great idea for headboard (it is a secret) and had to order one item to complete. We are both really excited!! And we have enough material to make a cushion and seat cover for her desk chair. Here is a sneak pic.....will post the whole project and tutorial later this week!

Tonight had Chris had an athletic banquet to attend so we were on our own for dinner. Let me explain that he is the cook. And he is an AMAZING cook, we are so spoiled. We had pasta for dinner and Skywalker Smoothies for dessert! Madison asked to help make the pasta and she pretty much made it herself. She really enjoyed arranging the tomatoes and mozzeralla balls.

Carly had me pick up some bananas so she could make Skywalker Smoothies! Chris ordered the kids two StarWars cookbooks. They are soooo cute, the photography and setups are hysterical. Jack and Carly cut all the fruit and followed the directions. I think letting kids cook in the kitchen is such an important experience for kids to have. My kids love to cook, although it is usually helping daddy! Here are some pics of them in action.

Hope all is well with all of you,