Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend of fancy haircuts, Skywalker smoothies and of course, crafting!

We have had a splendid and relaxing weekend, thus far! A few big thunderstorms here and there, but nothing that was damaging or made us lose our power. Just watered our new plants and created fantastic napping weather (yes, I settled down for a nice nap late Friday afternoon). LOVE naps:)!

Three out of the six Hubers got new hairdos. One, my husband, was the average men's haircut. Jack got his haircut as well. The hairdresser got a little fancy with him and put blonde highlights (JUST WASHOUT GEL) in Jack's hair. He is looking pretty cool. The 3rd fancy hairdo? Our fourteen year old dog, who is probably wondering if it is really necessary to put purple bows in a senior citizen's hair? Ha,ha. It is making her feel better though. Her coat gets so thick and makes her miserable. Here are some pics of Jack and Sadie! Sorry, did not get a pic of husband. Take my word for it....he looked very handsome:)!

Madison and I worked on finisihing her headboard. We measured the fabric, I pretended I was going to handsew (I don't own or know how to use a machine),and then turned to fabric glue. Worked like magic. Madison had another great idea for headboard (it is a secret) and had to order one item to complete. We are both really excited!! And we have enough material to make a cushion and seat cover for her desk chair. Here is a sneak pic.....will post the whole project and tutorial later this week!

Tonight had Chris had an athletic banquet to attend so we were on our own for dinner. Let me explain that he is the cook. And he is an AMAZING cook, we are so spoiled. We had pasta for dinner and Skywalker Smoothies for dessert! Madison asked to help make the pasta and she pretty much made it herself. She really enjoyed arranging the tomatoes and mozzeralla balls.

Carly had me pick up some bananas so she could make Skywalker Smoothies! Chris ordered the kids two StarWars cookbooks. They are soooo cute, the photography and setups are hysterical. Jack and Carly cut all the fruit and followed the directions. I think letting kids cook in the kitchen is such an important experience for kids to have. My kids love to cook, although it is usually helping daddy! Here are some pics of them in action.

Hope all is well with all of you,


  1. hi beth! your family is adorable!
    thank you so much for your kind words over on my blog! i wanted to let you know about what you asked... the rug in emmy's room came form anthropologie on clearance, and the curtains in my room also came from there on clearance. :)

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! Would love to see your velcro project - maybe we should (when we have gotten enough experience:) host a linky party for velcro projects - ha!

  3. Okay, a velcro party it is then! Some day ... :)

  4. Hi Beth! I LOVE the Star Wars cookbooks...where did your hubby find them? Maybe I could get my hubby to cook if he had some. ;)

    BTW, I live in Kingsport & work in Johnson City. So we must live close together! :) Nice to meet you, as well! I look forward to reading the blog of a fellow TN'r. :)

  5. I will definately check out those cookbooks on Amazon! I saw some Star Wars cookie cutters once that I've been meaning to get.

    It is a small world!

  6. My kids are in to Star Wars too, I will have to check out the cookbooks. Thanks for stopping by today! =)