Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Flowers and Project Tween Room

Gosh,blogger has been having trouble for the past two days and it has been killing me! I think I am addicted to crafting/decorating blogs.....YIKES!!

Anyway, this week we have been working on gardening and my almost eleven year old and I have been working on refinishing her headboard:)! It is almost done and I think it is going to look really cool:)! She is excited...poor thing, we kind have neglected her room (we moved her out of her little sister's room to downstairs a few months ago). It is a great space with her own bathroom, but it definitley needs some mama/daughter love! Right now it looks like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and other random teens threw up on her wall. Gross, I know. I allowed her to hang posters out of a magazine and they are all crooked and unattractive. Soooo, walls are next for that young lady!

Here is a BEFORE shot of her sad little headboard.

Not very cute for a young girl's room! So we have brainstorming ways to soften it up. It is a great shelf for her because she can put her water, books and alarm clock on it, and we definitley do not have the funds to buy a new one! After going back and forth between covering the whole thing with padding and fabric or painting it....we decided to paint it. That way she could still use the shelf. But don't worry, we aren't stopping there! She choose white to match her dresser and desk. She does not like distressing or shabby chic look and it IS her room. But buddy, that little shelf was HARD to paint white!!!! YIKES! I will show you one picture of the shelf after one coat of primer and spraypaint. I began to panic at this point.

Don't fear,I was finally able to transform the headboard into a white beauty. Okay, maybe not a BEAUTY, but definitely better than last pic.! I will post the final product after we add last touches.

Moving on, took lots of pictures of our yard. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE to take care of flowers, plants and apparently, fish. I am not saying I am a Master gardener, but I find planting, watering, and taking care of my yard is the most relaxing activity. Spring is my definite favorite time of year. Not too hot, but absolutely amazing everywhere you look! Here are some pics:

Flowers from the rose bush in my favorite vase.

Our teeny tiny veggie garden:)

Flowers in and around pond

Whew! I am exhausted! The kid's end of the year activities and finishing up work/training have worn this mamma OUT!



  1. You're off to a good start with the headboard -- can't wait to see the finished product! Paint makes EVERYTHING better!

  2. What gorgeous pictures! I'm with you - I love all the spring planting and tending :)