Saturday, February 21, 2015

First Sleepover

So, my boy had a seizure last May. Totally out of the blue, totally scary, not accompanying a gever and freaked me the Hell out. One of those life changing events that will never be forgotten. Not one second. After many tests, he was diagnosed with a form of Epilepsy. A form that is usually outgrown following puberty. He is on anti-seizure medication, taken twice a day. And he has not had another seizure. The other day, I was telling my mom that Jack was our healthiest child. You know, besides that whole Epilepsy thing. That early morning I experienced my first ever drop to my knees and beg to God moment. Really, the one and only I have ever had. He had a seizure and could not move half of his body. Oh my gosh.

So, here we are. Almost one year later. And the boy is at his first sleepover. We had to bring over his bag, favorite blanket and his medication. To a family who did not know he needed this medicine. I think they were okay. I said, he won't have a seizure, but he needs this medicine. They kindly sent us a text when he received the medicine.

So, besides the seizure, besides the medicine. My baby is at his first sleepover. Agh. I can hardly stand it. He is my sweet, cuddly boy. Who I still carry down to the couch every morning before school ..So hard. So, so hard. Lots of hard times in the future, for us and those three Huber sweeties.

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