Friday, February 20, 2015

Five Minute Friday: Open

Open, as I am wide open right now. Wide open for change. Open to receive. Open for new. I am just coming off almost a whole week of snow days with my family. Really not much to do, but think. Well, I did have many things I could have been doing but I don't think those should be done on snow days. JMO. I did a lot of reading. Reading so much and so hard that when a child would come say and ask me a question, I would stare at them for a minute, like who are you? What world do you live in/come from, because it is not the world I have been in for the past three hours. I also did a lot of staring. Staring at my children, staring at the blank walls in our fairly (okay over a year) old house. I know and feel that change is coming. And I am so open to it all. It has taken me a year to get used to being forty and I have just recently decided that I like it. I am ready for what is coming. Bring it! I am also open to new thoughts, new friends, new jobs, new romance (in my own marriage). I am open to new parenting, new food, new exercise and new adventures. This is my new and I am ready and OPEN to it all.

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  1. Hello Friend, I am visiting from FMF.

    I love how open to change you are! I am a little envious too. Change scares me. It makes me uncomfortable and I do not adjust well to it. But I am trying to learn to embrace it and to be more open to it. You give me hope. LOL Also, I am SUPER jealous of your reading time and your SNOW! I am an avid reader but my to-read pile is stacking up against my read pile and it is sad. To top it off Texas, where I am located, has seemingly skipped winter and is content in hanging out in the Fall/Springish temps. Keep your fingers crossed for me though, they are forecasting snow/ice on Monday! ;-)

    1. Thanks! We have not had a good snow yet this winter, so it was very welcome! I had joined an online book club and after I forced myself to read that first book, I fell in love with reading again. Hope you get your snow!