Monday, February 16, 2015

One year later

Can I do this? Can I jump back on the blogging train? I miss writing. I read other's blogs and I am briefly inspired. And I get sucked into reading blog after blog after blog. What should I write about? Where should my focus be? Family? Teaching? Health and fitness? Marriage? Myself? Years ago, my focus was crafting. Wow. There have not been any crafts for this house or family in years (from me). Then I shifted to family, I think? Myself, off and on.

Anywho, the past year there have been so many (too many?) changes. Jack was diagnosed with Epilepsy, I left my full time job with benefits to be a part time kindergarten teacher, my oldest daughter is a freshman in high school, my eleven year old has a boyfriend. Oh my changes. I have continued to workout ( a whole year of exercise) and now I trying to get healthy from within (vitamins and essential oils). There is nine million things to blog about and I kind of want to blog about them all! A hodgepodge of my life. Where to begin? Help:)!!!

I guess I will start off with talking about where I NEED to be focusing.

My spiritual life. Is Lacking. Everything. My role as a spiritual leader for my family is not really a role at all(unless you count me paying for oldest child to go to a Christian camp and occasionally picking her up from youth group).

Building family memories.

My marriage. Needs focus and attention.

My career. I am so focused on my short term job (weighted statement) that I am losing sight on where I am going and what I have worked so hard to achieve.

Here's to more moments like these:


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