Thursday, January 9, 2014

Coffee for your heart

I am day late on this post, but again..laptop problems. I could have gone upstairs to my husband's computer, but that would have taken away from my family and so far this New Year, I have successfully (mostly) kept my family the focus of my heart in the evenings.

This blog entry is my first writing for Coffee for your heart, a linky party created by Holley Gerth. Funny enough, the joy I would like to spread today actually centers around coffee:). Part of my New Year's Resolutions included making connections with friends; old and new. Yesterday I made a lunch date with a friend that only get to see about twice a year. And get this, she is in the Master's program at the college I work at and lives five mnutes from campus. That is just too crazy that we do not see each other more often!

For our date yesterday, we went to our local healthy supermarket (earthfare..yummy). Time flew. We laughed, we ate, we reminised, we talked about our family. And we ended with coffee. Coffee is our special connection. When we worked togetehr years ago, we shared our love of coffee. And shared our challege of drinking coffee at work (we were toddler teachers at the time). We also started a small book club and typically our meeting place was a local coffee shop.

I am not sure why my picture is sideways, but I am not going to let it bug me (too much). I do know that my lunch date brought me much JOY. Making the time for hour boosted my spirits, made me feel safe and warm, and made me want to schedule more times like these. I have learned over the past two months, that if I want to exercise and be healthy, that I have to schedule the time and make preparations. During this busy season of my life (being a full time working mother of young children and a wife), these things don't happen unless I committ myself to make them happen.

When my friend dropped me off at work, we promised to pick a day each month to meet for lunch. Something for us to look forward to. We emailed each other later about a book we had discussed and then late last night I received an email from her. She said, "I hope you know I love you bunches". I didn't receive the email until this morning and it made me so happy. Joyous.

I hope who ever reads this also recongizes the joy that friendships bring to their life.

Thanks, for listening.

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  1. I just love your blog. I wish you still blogged. It is so fun and cute.