Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New year, new focus!

I write this post with a little less enthusiasim as a New Year Day post should be written as I am spending the first day of the new year with a wineover. Blech. Perfect motivation for me to include "drink much less wine" one of my New Year's resolutions. I know that the first post of the year should be looking towards the future, with bright eyes and hope......and I do intend to do this!! After I dwell on this past year! The past year, a blur...too much work, too little family. I do count my blessings though and I extremely grateful for the health of my immediate and extended family. I am extremely grateful for my family period. We bought a new home this year and working to fill it with memories. Being off work since December 23rd has helped me refocus and I really needed that. 2014, hello. I thankfully started one of my resolutions about eight weeks ago....working out and clean(er) eating. Well, except for that damn wine. I go to the gym ALOT and I love it. I feel stronger and better. My goal is try new classes, new things. This included more weight lifting. I do not want to lose weight. I want to tone, build stregth and improve my posture. Another big resolution, and I feel so silly writing this, but here goes. I need to break my addiction to Facebook. Such a life sucker!!! The amount of time I spend on this social media site is insane. I love to see people's pictures and see what is going on in there life. But, moderation has to be key!! You know you have a problem when you are going through the ordinary routines of the day and thinking about how you can turn those moments into a witty Facebook status. Bad. Next resolution up....and I should have put this earlier, but with all the time I will have from being off FB, I can focus on more important things. Church. We need to focus on faith as a family. More later. Family. More dates with my husband. More time with my children. Madison had joined the gym with me, but she really never goes. I was hoping that would be our bonding time, but I thinking no. I want to build more memories with my children. For my children. Work. Need to find something I love, all the way around, not just the teaching part. The joy that teaching brings me does not make up for the negative aspects of my job. I need to up the job search and make more contacts. Friends. I think Chris and I need to do a better job at finding friends with children. We are homebodies and sometimes I fear that will have a negative impact on our children. Writing. Blogging. Journaling. And taking more pictures. Will help to slow down the time. I feel good about this journey called A NEW YEAR:). And I am not even going to write a Facebook status about it! My blog focus will be changing to reflect my progress. Stay tuned world.

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