Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 2: Battling Compassion Fatigue

Day 2, already better. The power of focus and writing amaze me. 31 days? Can I do it? Will it help me? Will it help you? Ha, I do not think there are any "you's" and that is okay! Today I managed to do the following. Walk at work. Even taking me supervisor with and me. Walk my dog, talking to two neighbors in the process. Cook dinner (well heating up a ham and making macaroni and cheese). Sticking with a Halloween budget. Drinking water instead of diet coke/coke. Do these accomplishments seem insignificant? Not in my eyes. Not in the eyes that have been turned down or way out. Not the eyes that are seeing past the children. Not the eyes that focus on the mess, the bills, the unfulfilled feeling in my own home. I am working towards living. I am working on battling that constant and overwhelming fatigue and despair. I am working in making this year something. Making this year a year full of memories. Today, the colors of fall were powerful. The crisp air refreshing. I look forward to Halloween in my new neighborhood. I look forward to my first Saturday off! Tomorrow's goal: hair appoinment for this weekend:). Thanks for being there, little blog of mine.

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