Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Hippy Sister

So, tonight I was talking to my mom and she started laughing and told me that they were going to start calling me the hippy sister (they, as in my mom, dad and sister). This title was awarded to me after they read the Facebook status the other day. A heartfelt status describing why snow days were so precious to my family. I did mention health and spirituality. They thought it was hilarious. That I am a hippy and where did I come from? Then she paused. Was I offended? Nope, not really. I said mom, I have always been like this. Not like a HIPPY, FLOWER CHILD (although I tried), just an open-minded touchy feely kind of gal. That's me. That's who I am. I am not offended, in the least. Kind of proud, actually;).

Anyway, another snow day for the Hubers. And my hubby's 41st Birthday. It was nice to be all together. We continued Lent projects, Science Fair project and sweet Jack even read a bible story with me. And discussed it.

So, I have to get dressed and go to work tomorrow. Taking it like the grownup I am. Plus, I get to see all those sweet kindergarten babies.

Here are some pics of our Lenten spiral road and Jesus. All made from love and hopeful faith from the Hubers.

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