Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lent: A self study

So, I made this crazy attempt to be a spiritual leader for the family. I started by talking to Carly (who brought up giving something up for Lent). I tried to explain that it is not just giving something up. It is making time and space to grow closer to God. Puzzled look from Carly. Then I called the three kids downstairs and tried to kind of gauge what they already know about Lent. Limited and scattered responses. I admit, I was immediately discouraged. At their answers, at their squabbling while we were talking...and really, a tremendous amount of guilt. What have I done (not done)? I admit, I got snippish. FINE, they would do some reading. FINE.

Somewhere between stomping upstairs and looking for my Why do Catholics do That book, I began to think of my sillieness. Not the sillieness of Lent and faith, but the sillieness of forcing my agenda on my unsuspecting children. When I came back downstairs, we looked up Lenten activities on Pinterest. Yes, I am using Pinerest as my guide....there is some really good stuff out there! Anyway, we did find some projects. Some art, some lists, some calendars..hopefully something that will fit all of our learning styles. We touched on what will hopefully be a journey for our family. No church today. Crazy winter weather, one sick girl.

Here is a project that we worked on together. Symbolizing our Lenten promise to help others. Jack helped me find a spot to hang it, a place where we will continuously reminded of what we should be doing, everyday

So, in the words of Ruth Haley Burton:

As we enter into this wilderness time, may we recognize a sense of anticipation about how God will meet us in the space we create for Him.

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