Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Days : Lent

Another post? In the same year? Who would have thunk?!

We are on our second day of no school for snow. Tomorrow will be the third day of no school. Tomorrow is also Ash Wednesday. The cards are lining up. Something is about to happen. Church. For the entire family. In a Catholic church. My roots are calling to me and they are calling strong. I made that list the other day, the list of what I need to focus on. And really is should be top. I am called to be the spiritual leader of this family, for real. My husband even says, when mom says we go to church, we go to church. Well, this mamma has dropped the ball. And that sucks.

I read this link by Team Whitaker and was so inspired for this upcoming Lent. Really, it is well-written and struck an enormous chord with me.


Lent=big deal=hopefully sparking my spiritual growth=me guiding my family.

This should underline it ALL. Bottom line.

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