Monday, May 16, 2011

Our little Book Nook

Well, the materials that I was waiting for from Mr. UPS were not delivered today, so Madison and I have been unable to complete her headboard. Maybe tomorrow? Anyway, thought I would share some projects we completed around the house before I began this blog!!

What I am about to write about really did start in my daughter's brain. I got excited about the idea and told my husband. The idea was to create a book nook in the closet under our stairs. I was so super excited.....until I opened the closet door and saw the gigantic mess. This is where a before picture would be great, but like I said....pre-blogging days!!! Anyway, I shut that door and went on my merry way. Apparently my husband saw the potential and went for it!! He took everything out of the closet and organized. He is my hero!

My role: shopping! I bought the baskets to hold their books and the little plastic paint container for their chalk. We also bought bright pink chalk paint (Home Depot, they mix the chalk paint with the color of your choice). This was for the book nook and because we promised Carly we would cover the "mural" my son made on her bedroom wall when he was two (yes, he is five do the math...we are very slow!). I bought the shower curtain divider on clearance at Target. We had the other colors of paint from previous projects and we just got new carpet, hence the carpet remnant. I bought the wall decals at TJ Maxx (oh how I love thee) and let the kids be in charge of decorating with those. Behind the curtain is storage (suitcases, board games, etc.). Here are some pics!! Like I said, this was all Chris!

(Light fixture, baskets, Lowes; chalkboard paint Home Depot, plastic paint can Michael's, shower curtain, Target)

So the following occured through this process:
A) I discovered that I can really sell an idea to someone, even if I already have given up:)
B) That scary, scary mess got cleaned out and organized
C) The kids got to organize their books and choose which ones would go under the stairs
D) The kids have a small space to hang out, read, and bond
E) The kids have a small space to fight over and be on top of each other;)
F) The chalkboard gets used for spelling words....nice.
G) My parents decided after seeing this space that in a few short years Madison would be bringing boys in their to smooch. THAT is something that Chris did not plan for!!

Hope you enjoyed the little reading nook!


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  1. Very clever idea! Looks like a wonderful place to read.

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  3. That is SO FUN! What a great idea!
    I would LOVE to have you share this at my For the Kids Link Party! Stop on by and join the fun!

  4. Good for you! Very cute, what a sweet little reading area for your kiddos. Great job!

    Deviantly Domesticated

  5. What a great idea. I bet your kids love it!