Sunday, May 1, 2011

My sunburst mirror.......finally!

I have been wanting to make a sunburst mirror for my entryway FOREVER! I bought bamboo sticks from Michaels, circle mirror from Target and a glass plate from Walmart. I also bought some silver spray paint (which I quickly discovered is addicting, I painted a couple of items around the house, fun)!. Anyway, I spray painted the plate silver and was going to do the same to the bamboo sticks. But I just didn't have a good feeling about spray painting the sticks silver and taking away their natural appearance. I didn't really feel like silver even went with the look I am going for in our home right now. So, the mirrors, bamboo sticks and everthing else were just laying on the back porch....for weeks.

Then last night, I was sitting on the porch reading and began looking at a circular bamboo tray/charger I bought at my one and only trip to IKEA last summer. I found the center of the sunburst mirror creation!!! I thought about painting the bamboo sticks turquoise, but again I really wanted the natural look. A couple of hours (I had to take breaks) of cutting the sticks to different sizes and hot glueing them to the back....I had my creations!!!( I also glued the mirror to a piece of styrofoam and placed in center.....thank you Chris for this idea). Chris hung it for me and I am in love.

Here a couple of shots, it fills the space that I wanted it to perfectly!

A couple of more pics from this weekend. First, Madison and Jack having a picnic lunch yesterday.

And my two young Jedi!

Toodles, Beth

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  1. This is a really great version of the sunburst mirror. I too have found a thrifty circle mirror and have been debating about how to do it. By the time I get to it they will probably be a thing of the past! Yours turned out terrific and looks like a perfect fit for the space!

  2. Really great mirror! Awesome idea :)