Friday, April 29, 2011

Honey, I shrunk the chairs!

A couple of weekends ago, Madison came up from the garage holding a couple of small wooden chairs. I totally forgot that I had them stashed in there! My sister had ordered them from Pottery Barn years ago and could not figure out what to do with them, so she offered them to MOI! And I stuck them in my garage!

Fast forward three or so years, and a fine painting project presents itself! Since I have really been into lightening and brightening my home, I saw huge potential in turning these sweet chairs from dark brown to antique white. Fun, fun, fun!!

Here are the chairs in their original brown state. Cute, but too dark and not enough character (of course being cute little wooden chairs of different sizes and styles is pretty darn "charactery" to begin with).

I promptly dusted off the wee babes and painted them with a creamy white acrylic craft paint using a variety of small brushes. After allowing them to dry, I "antiqued" them using some black antique glaze and rubbed with a towel to obtain a distressed look.

Now that I was addicted to painting teeny little pieces of furniture, I decided to add some detail. I created an "H" stencil and traced the stencil with pencil onto the seat of the chairs. I filled in the "H" using the antiquing paint.

Still not satisfied, I decided to paint over the "H"'s using a turquoise paint. This added an element of fun to these sweet chairs!

I love my chairs! And I plan on making little, spring pendant flags to hang on the back. Can dress them up for Holiday! Super Fun!

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  1. These are adorable! I had no idea from the first pic how small they were until I saw them on your TABLE! Man - what a find!