Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Day O' Easter Egg Hunting

A good day not to be a FULL-TIME working mom! I got to go to two Easter Egg hunts, first Carly's and second Jack's. Carly called me twice to make sure I was coming. I surprised Jack. The rest of this day was busy preparing for our trip to D.C. I had to get all Jack's Star Wars stuff for his 5th birthday party, Easter stuff and my Great-Niece, Emma will be there so I got to pick out a couple of little, tiny baby girl outfits:). Here is a few pics and then it is bed time for me!

"Listening" to directions before the hunt begins. Notice Carly and others are scoping out their first eggs.

Eating lunch after the hunt

Trampoline time

Now Jack's school

And there off!

Jack and Maple, I got to see her very brave and sweet mama today.


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