Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jack's job chart!

As mentioned, yesterday Jack and I completed his job chart! He helped with most of the project and it turned out really cute (and hopefully useful). He had preschool graduation pictures at school today. I took time brushing his hair and put a nice shirt on him. While he was brushing his teeth, he looked in the mirror and said, "Why did you make me look so handsome?"! He really did look sweet. Can't wait to see the pictures! I have TWO children "graduating" soon! Madison starting MIDDLE SCHOOL and Jack KINDERGARTEN! I will be a wreck. Maybe. Or maybe I will have a full time job by that point and be too occupied to be a wreck. I will have to be a highly efficient wreck!

Without further ado, our chore chart tutorial!:)

We started with this picture frame that we are currently not using (under our bed covered in dust). Don't worry mom, I have plans for the print:). I thought the frame had a glass plate, but it actually is just a piece of plastic. We will see how that works out.

We went outside and painted the frame Behr Disney Bright blue (the color that Jack chose for his dresser, which looks so good in his room).

Yes, we paint outside in our pajamas. At noon. In the FRONT yard. Thankfully, Jack did not take a picture of me wearing my very seasonable purple, fuzzy snowflake pajama bottoms!

Instead of covering the cardboard insert with fabric or scrapbook paper (expensive),I opted for clearance red wrapping paper. Warning: clearance red wrapping paper is hard to use, shows every line and wrinkle. Wish I would have sprung the extra dollar for some nicer stuff. Next time.

Jack and I decorated the red insert with stickers (40% off Michaels's). It says "Jack is on the way..." on top. He then put stars and school stickers around perimeter (this was a good lesson about self-control for Jack, he wanted to use every....singe...sticker). We then put the plastic piece on top and placed it on the frame.

The next part was Jack acting out his chores while I took pics.He did surpisingly well at this. I'm telling you....we baby the boy! He did everything so well (except the shoe tying of course) and without help. Once he gets into the routine of this chart, we can add different chores.I had the pictures printed and taped them onto cardstock. Then I placed them ON TOP of plastic covering. They can easily be removed. I do plan on laminating the cards so they will be durable. I hot glued a dry marker CAP (this way when it dries out or I want to change colors, I just take the pen out and stick a new one in the cap) on the side. We can change what Jack is getting ready for and make tally marks next to the chores. Haven't decided what we are doing with those marks!

Ta Da!

Close-up of lettering underneath plastic piece.

I can't wait to show him final product when he gets home from school. Now I need to make myself a chore chart with pictures of me exercising, doing work, etc.:)!

Just in case all of you (my two faithful readers) wonder if I did not learn yeseterday's lesson about procrastinating.......I spent a loooooooooooooooooog time completing my powerpoint for Northeast and this was my reward!!!

One last pic.....our rose bush is blooming....so pretty!

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