Saturday, April 16, 2011

Springy Saturday

We have done a bit of everything today. Started the day by taking a VERY crabby seven year old to a birthday party a the children's museum ( what child does not want to go to a bitrhday party?!)in the pouring rain. We then worked on my craft area/office a bit. Much more to go, but moving on the right direction. Madison and I finished our spring garland for the fireplace and then painted sweet little teeny wooden chairs. For the rest of the afternoon, the kids have played with the neighbors soooooooo nicely. And I am slightly stressed that I can not find my laptop anywhere. How does one lose a laptop? Hmmmmmmmm.

Sweet Little Chairs to Craft....more to follow

Perfect day for parachute play!

Spring Mantle

chick lovingly made by my late-Grandma Fran

moved our shelf, refinished and added mirror.....getting ready for craft area/home office:)

Making flat bread for gyros with daddy.

Fabulous weekend at the Huber house......gearing up for Monday....

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