Monday, April 25, 2011

Maria Selby Gardens

I discovered one of my students has a parent that lives in Sarasota and is going there upon graduation. Previous to this discovery, she was telling me how much she loved gardening and flowers. Naturally, I had to tell her about the Maria Selby Gardens in Sarasota. I reminded her on the way out the door and had her repeat the name back to me!!! They are amazing, she will be amazed. She better go!!!

Anyway, I have been inspired to post some of my pics. Too lazy to add captions right now, but the beauty of the gardens speak for themselves~

And speaking of my students.....AMAZING. Amazing how much I learn and gain with each class I teach. The relationships formed, lessons learned, and futures brightened. One of my students asked me to come to graduation. She teared up as she told me this is her first graduation, she never graduated from high school.....GED. I told Chris I need to be there. I am so excited for these ladies. Three going to ETSU, 2 to Milligan, 1 to King College and my sweet student who overcame many obstacles to complete this course. I am so proud of these ladies.

Anyway, I love what I do. And I would like to think they love what I do, too:)

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