Sunday, June 5, 2011

First trip to Flea Market!!

I was so excited yesterday morning, my oldest daughter and I were going to the Flea Market for the first time EVER. I am always seeing the cool finds people get at the markets and was very optimistic that our trip would be a success. I was NOT disappointed:)!

The trip started slowly and the people watching opportunities were amazing. The first few stops I did not find anything and began to doubt my searching abilities! Madison and I were getting hot and she would not stop bugging me for a baby bunny or chick (yes, they have everything there). Then we spotted the outdoor areas, no tents, no buildings, just a bunch of cars, trucks and tables.

I first found these candlesticks. They were very sturdy,in great shape and were three for 5.00, which I thought was a great deal. I really don't know what people pay, so people could have been charging me anything! I started to get excited (and Madison was starting to want to go home, she knew I was not buying her a damn bunny).

After walking around a few more minutes, I spotted this!!

So beautiful from afar and even more charming up close. No price tag. The lady saw me looking and told me she would sell it for 35.00. It is real mahagony and still has the furniture stickers on bottom (made in Maryland). It was very sturdy and just lovely. I HAD to buy it!! I was sooo proud walking back to the car. People were telling me how beautiful the table was. I was beaming, so proud of my find!!! Even my husband loves it.

When I got home, I began to look up two tiered pie crust mahagoney tables online and quickly discovered that they are worth a pretty penny. Much more then the 35 I forked over. Now I just look at it lovingly. I really don't know what to do next. It definitely needs love. I am going to do something exciting, but I am going to take my time. Any tips would be appreciated!

Oh, and I am hooked on flea markets. After the first visit. Oh help us.


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  1. that piece is gorgeous!! I cant wait to see what you do with it. I have no words of advice.. lol it will come to you. :)

  2. You scored on the pie crust table.
    I would just give it a good coat of wax and call it a day. It's stunning just the way it is.

    Your new follower

  3. Hi Beth, thanks for sharing with my newbie party. Great looking piece.

  4. I so love mahogany, so it would tough not to show some wood. That being said, the neatest two tier table I have ever seen was done in black an white stripes with the stripes on the upper tier going in the opposite direction of the bottom tier. I have wanted a table like that ever since!

  5. i think i would sand it down, re-stain it, then seal it and re-sell for an even prettier penny :) seriously, since it's solid wood, if you redo the finish and protect it with a good couple coats of polyurethane, i could see you making quite a nice profit on it! or keep it and put it somewhere prominent in your home :)

  6. That table is quite a find! It is beautiful!!