Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trip to Biltmore

How grown up and completely appropriate my daughter's choice was for her 11th birthday celebration! After discussing options and looking up information, she decided to go to the Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina. For those who are semi-close to this location and have children, GO NOW (or at least before summer is over)! Children 10 and under are free, over ten are five bucks. And if you order your tickets online seven days before going, you get 15.00 off each adult ticket. So including tax, we took our family of five and Madison's friend for 121.00. We had a beautiful day, starting with walks around the AMAZING and FRAGRANT gardens, tour of the mansion (the biggest home in the country), a picnic lunch, and walked around Antler Hill (winery, shops, farm musuem, etc.). So fun, we stopped at Tolepo Honey for dinner in downtown Asheville before headed home. Such a great way to celebrate our young lady's birthday. And I didn't even have to clean my house for a slumber party!!

Here are some highlights:

Teeny glimpse of the mansion!

These flowers got stuck to Carly's ruffles, she didn't appreciate that I stopped to take a pic before unhooking her!

Hibiscus, one of my favorite flowers

Cool roots growing up from the ground, it looks like a little city to me:)

Picnic time

Me and the lovely birthday girl

Jack driving the stagecoach

Learning how to make butter

Ending the day with these gigantic beauties...Jack was in Heaven!

We had such a great day that we decided to upgrade to annual passes. 80.00 paid for the whole family for twelve months. It is only an hour away, so we can enjoy all the different seasonal gardens. Plus, Chris and I can go back ourselves to fully enjoy the winery:)!

Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter!

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  1. That place looks AMAZING. Ahh. I'd love to go there one day! You have such a gorgeous family - and happy birthday to your daughter as well! :D