Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back to work!

I am feeling amazingly peaceful and organized the night before returning to work full time. I worked full-time for many years....with three little kids, those years were a blur. A mostly bad blur:(. So, after quitting, staying home a few months with the two younger kids, I returned to school and got my Master's degree. Have been working part time since.

I guess I just feel like the timing is right now. The kids are older, in school all day...we need the money....and double bonus: I am super excited about my new job!

So, it is 7:15, dinner is done, the kids are bathed, lunches are packed. The week's grocery shopping is done. Bills are paid. Sheets are clean. Written notes for babysitter and kid's teachers. Just need to pick out an outfit and I am done. Ready. Probably won't sleep:)!!!

So,here's to full time moms!! Bless all of you, it is alot to juggle, but I have high hopes it is worth it (this time;P)!

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