Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year: back to blogging!

Well, my last post was about starting back to work and how tired I was. Apparently, I never got past the tired and frantic state, because I did not post the whole Fall semester! Wow! And guess what?! I realized that this blog is a journal, keeping me aware of my feelings and more in tune to what is happening around me! Aha. Another advantage of blogging!

So, what happened while I was not blogging? I was totally consumed with the classes I was teaching and attempting to maintain sanity at home. The results: I feel like I have aged five years. Actually, I look like I aged five years. No joke. I exercised ONE time the whole semeseter. I consumed way too much wine and junk food (ahem, not good comfort replacements) and just feel YUCK!!!! When did this all hit me? When I was looking at pics of myself from Christmas! Holy smokes.....did NOT like what I saw!!!!

Anyway, enough looking backwards..........I have so much to be excited about and to look forward to!!! I got a new, full-time job that starts Jan. 9th! While going from an adjunct teaching position to a full-time positition seems like it might make my more hectice....I think it will make me more organized and fulfilled. As much as I enjoyed teaching college courses, not having an office, benefits, and colleagues made it isolating and frustrating. I now still get to work with adults, have an office ( meaning my house will be less cluttered), and be on a real schedule. I am super excited about this. Still a bit nervous (who isn't starting a new job?). I also am starting my term as co-president of our local early childhood organization. This will be alot of work, but again....I am SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!

Something else to be super happy three beautiful, happy, and healthy children; my supportive and funny husband, and a BRAND NEW NEPHEW (born December 11, 2011)!!

Anyway, hoping to attend to my blog more frequently in 2012! Happy New Year to all!!!!!! Here is a pic of the sweet new addition our family!! So excited for my sister and her husband!

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