Friday, July 8, 2011


I have a lot of catching up to do!!! Have been busy vacationing and celebrating the past couple of weeks and have not had a chance to blog. Enjoying family, food, shopping, crafting, etc. Its been nice.

I have to start by participating in my favorite weekly ritual: Five Minute Friday at Gypsy Mama. This week's prompt: Grateful.

Ready, set, go:

So, so, so much to be grateful for, it is hard to even know where to start. Since I just got back for a day/night trip to Asheville with my husband....I think I will talk about what I am recently so grateful for...... our marriage.
Last night, as we spent time refinishing an antique Morrocan table together, I couldn't stop thinking about how lucky I am that I am with someone who shares the same interests that I do. HAs this always been true? Not really? Have we always got along? No way. We have been married for twelve years and together for a LONG time before that (me 18, him 19) and we are now 36 and 37. Marriage is TOUGH. But WOW, so worth it.
I am so grateful for the love that has grown and strenthened over the years. Not always easy. Now that the children are a little bit older, we have more time to focus on us. And quiete frankly, I have not always been a willing participant. I am the one who talks about the kids,misses the kids, thinks everything should be about the kids. Not that Chris does not loves them, but he values our time as husband and wife. Sounds kind of cheesy, but really, we would not be here if he didn't show me the benefits of being with each other, thinking about each other, and briefly forgetting about the three joys.
So I am extremely grateful for my husband, who has showed me the JOY of being together, married.


  1. Beautiful!
    And after many years together, 23 altogether here, isn't it just that "Valuing" the marriage, the time ... one another. Friends and I were discussing just that this morning over coffee and "fix me" time together.

    It is the valuing that keeps these marriages together so soundly for so long...God's eternity.

    Thank you for blessing my post with your encouragement! I am grateful. :)


  2. Very, very, very sweet. Oh, those husbands -- life just would be empty without them and their wisdom!

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  3. Tough, but worth it. A big amen to that! :)