Monday, July 25, 2011

My at home lovelies

I started the day yesterday being stir crazy. What could we do? Where can we go? School starts for my children on August 4th!!! One is starting kindergarten (I REALLY fear he is not ready), one is starting 3rd grade and one is starting MIDDLE SCHOOL! We are taking a mini trip to Chicago this weekend to see a White Sox game and I begin training and meetings for work this week:(. Summer is ending!!!!

Carly's school supply sculpture!

Anyway, the reason for this post is to show how I turned my focus to the beauty in my own home, and in my own life. My husband suggest a quick trip to Asheville, but that would cost money. Getting three kids geared up for school is expensive!! So, we made the best of our day at our house. I took pictures of blooming flowers, children's play, and we went to a new frozen yogurt shop. It was nice. I'm including some pictures I took earlier in the week, too. Enjoy:)!

Tomatoes from the garden, that got turned into pasta sauce last night!

Found a sweet and random note from Maddie.

Look at this cool little dude I spied on a hurricane centerpiece. Makes me smile whenever I see him:).

Our gigantic disco belle hibiscus plant!

Our silly Jack posing with the plant:)!

Waiting for the storm.....

Talking and painting

Sweet sleepover

Boy's toys

Just some random pictures of the random beauty that surrounds me everyday.


and then, she {snapped}


  1. Yes, summer is drawing to a close. Do you teach? I work at a University in St. Louis and gearing up for the school year. Looks like you have some budding artist!

  2. What a sweet week ya'll have had some times the simple things are the best .. Your Hibiscus are awesome.Happy Summer & hugs from Savannah, Cherry