Friday, July 29, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Still

Linking up to Gypsy Mama's five Minute Friday. I missed last week because I was too emotional to write. crazy, huh?
Anyway, this week's prompt is STILL.

Start time: 8:50
The only place that I can ever truely be still, is when I am outdoors, alone. Sure, I can sit on the couch in my home, not moving. And I can lay in my bed in the morning and in the night. But the only time I can be STILL, to breathe and remove myself from everything, is when I am outside, by myself.
Truthfully, I can even be watering flowers, feeding the fish, etc. But in these moments with nature, my mind feels STILL. I feel connected with nature, with the air, even if it is moving, and my mind. And I suppose, this is when I feel most connected with God.
When I am in my home, in the car, in a class, even in a church setting, I am never still. My mind is always wandering. I am distracted by movement, by sound, by smell, by voice. But when I am outside in nature, the world seems to stop for me. Even though I am among the animals and the birds, and the trees and bugs, time just seems to stop.
This is where I FEEL very alive. The seasons can change, our backyard can transform, but there is something so stagnant and unchanging about the beauty of nature.
As I type this, is really does not seem to make much sense, even to me. But I am grateful that I know this about myself. Everyone needs a time or place to be still. And walking out my back door allows me to do this.

Have a wonderful day.


I did not have my memory card for pictures, so I typed in still images on Google. This old timey picture of a moonshine still came up and I love old pictures. Totally unrelated to my post, but isn't it cool?


  1. Came here from FMF! I have to agree with you, I love being outside. It's my favorite time to pray and just reflect. I put the kids to bed, and head outside to feed the goats, or take clothes off the line...even though it's been unbearably hot this year, I'll find myself on the back porch listening to the cicadas (and no doubt sweating just a tad, ha!) and just...being still. A welcome reprieve when you have little ones!
    That old picture is too cool! Glad to have "met you" in this big bloggin' world. Blessings to you and yours!

  2. I'm stopping by from Five Minute Friday. I love your post! Great thoughts and yes! the picture is cool!

  3. I totally agree; there is just something about the outdoors that slows me down. (and I like the pic, too!) good work, today!