Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bathroom inspiration piece

Well, I have not done much in the creativity/decorating department. But now all THREE of the kids are in school (oh my) and I realized I only have two weeks before I start back to work. There is so much I wanted to get done this summer, but never got to it.

Our hallway bathroom is the perfect example. This is the bathroom that the children use to get ready in the morning and the bathroom that is available to guests. And it always has crap all over it. This summer, I wanted to paint the vanity (it is currently builder's oakish wood), frame the mirror, get a new rug, and make/buy art for the walls. None of this happened.

To inspire myself to get going, I made this pretty little organizer today. I have seen these all over blogworld and Pinterest and have been wanting to make one. I also have been eyeing these cute dishes at T.J. Maxx, but certainly can not afford a whole set!!!! So, using two candlesticks that I had, E6000 and two plates and a bowl, I made this:)! Super easy!!!

My candlesticks were different sizes, which worked nicely for the taller items. You are probably thinking I could just stick some of that stuff in drawers or under the cabinet. Let me explain that I have a sixth grader, and if she does not see that deoderant right in front of her face, she will not use it! The bowl on top holds her little lip glosses, etc. Now this she does not forget to put on, but she can't manage to put it back in the drawer when finished.

I love the pretty design on the dishes (excuse the next pic, I was trying to show the desgin, but it is hard to see since I placed it on a patterned placemat). In fact, I am using it to plan the rest of the bathroom. I think I am going to pain the cabinet cream and distress them. Before I had a real plan, I was going to frame the mirror with painted wood. But now I would like it to be framed in a delicate silver, to match the candlesticks. I will take some before pics of the bathroom before I get started.

Here is one more shot, before I filled it with goodies:)!

And here is a picture of the ongoing (and going, and going, and going) desk project. I need to finish stripping and sanding. I have GOT to get my office/craft area finished before I start teaching!!!

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  1. Cute!! I like it a lot- the patterns are awesome!

  2. Ho Beth, so nice to see you at the newbie party. That is so cute, and useful too. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  3. What a great idea for the bathroom! It's so pretty and so functional!

  4. This is adorable! I made a smaller one for my daughter, but I obviously didn't use a very good glue...I need to try again now!

  5. So cute! I would have never thought about using this in a bathroom- what a clever idea! Thanks for sharing this adorable organizer!

  6. Love how it turned out! I'm co-hosting a link party on Wednesday at southernlovely.blogspot.com. I'd love it if you'd come link up with us!

    See you soon!