Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Older

Whew!!!!!!!! What a week! Looking forward to my five minute pause with Gypsy Mama!!! Today's prompt: Older.


Older. Obviously, we are all getting older. Every second of every day. But do you know who is getting older the fastest?! My eleven year old daughter. Oh my. She started middle school this year. I have seen the child change soooo incredibly quickly! SHE is loving it! She loves the independence of a new school, where really, parents are not welcome. I don't say this meanly, it is just how middle school is. She now loves boys. She jumps out of bed at 6 AM to do her hair and change her clothes. She talks on the phone after school. She is meeting new friends from other schools. Being admired by boys.

Guess who is not loving it? Her mama!! I told her the other day, You are moving way too fast, you have GOT to slow down!!!!! And I meant it. I can not stop time, but she needs some guidance and a little bit of tough love (which was given to her by her father the other evening....many, many tears).

I didn't realize it would all happen so fast. Really. It is crazy. Where is my sweet child who ran up and hugged me when she would see me at school? Or the child who still played with her siblings and was helpful!!!

Praying hard for her and me. I know the next few years will be challenging. I just keep picturing her sweet and beautiful baby face.



  1. my how fast they grow! I'm now following your blog!

    Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  2. She IS beautiful! :-) Middle school is so tough. Praying that your daughter will only grow closer to you through the experiences she has there!

  3. Wow, your daughter is REALLY lovely! I remember those years when I started doing my hair and putting lip gloss. And how many times conflict between me and my mom happen. I hope this critical period won't destroy your mother-daughter relationship. God bless. :-)


  4. GIRL! I am shaking my head thinking about when I was teenager or about to be one...such a strange time. you don't know if you are a kid or if you are grownup. You wish someone would just decide for you. The best advice i can say is stick with the tough love and always tell her that she can come to you with anything and you won't get mad as long as she talks it out with you. I would have had SUCH an easier time if I could have just had someone to talk too. I am not saying i would have told my parents about my first kiss or anything but it would have made it easier to say "a friend of mine is thinking about kissing a boy..." I am sure you could assume the friend is HER. anyway you are doing a great job. love this post. reminds me that my 2 year old won't stay this innocent for ever...or can he!? lol. have a great weekend

  5. Being admired by boys? So scary! That will be a huge change to hit that stage as a parent.

  6. Awe, she is lovely! Sweet post. :) Happy Monday!