Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Minute Friday: New

LInking up to Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Friday

Today's prompt: NEW

start time 9:34

New, this is all so new to him. My sweet little five year old. Everyday, waking up and going to a big school with children who are twice his size. All day, from 8:15-3:15. It is all brand new. Kindergarten.

This is the second week, and I am already losing my patience with the seperation anxiety. My girls did not do this. But this is Jack. And this is how Jack does new. We had ONE day of no crying and I thought we were over the hump. But I think he just forgot to cry that day!

Why do I expect him to be over it so soon! So much pressure. He does great after I leave. He comes out happy, waving to his teacher and friends. He even told me, Mom , I just started school....I have to cry. Oh that sweet little man.

I need to back off. Let me him having his couple minutes of fear. This is so new. Such a big world. And who am I to tell him not to be scared? I get scared at new. I get nervous. I don't want to go to new....even if it is exciting and new.

So, today I pray for patience, and understanding....empathy. This is how Jack does new. That's just Jack. And I love him to a million pieces.


  1. Oh, precious. Big changes for our little ones. I hear ya. I have another one entering school, too. Not Kindergarten, but close enough...

  2. This makes me wonder if Hannah will cry -- when she knows I'm leaving...for several hours. I might need to pray for understanding right along with you!